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The Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal Picture Community

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~This is a Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal Community, so you obviously have to be a fan of either or both to join.

~There will be no bashing of either player.

~Each post must contain either Roger or Rafa, or preferably both in some graphic form (i.e. images, icons etc.).

~All large images should and also multiple images (i.e. more than one), need to be put behind an lj-cut.

~Respect all other members.

~Membership is moderated. This is mostly because, then I can keep an eye on who's joining...

~If you are rejected, please comment here and we'll discuss it.

~I would like to request all members to F-lock all their posts.

~These rules are just a precaution. Because I'm a paranoid person.


If you're looking to be an affiliate, just leave a comment on either the open post at my journal or at the community itself.

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